I bought a new motorcycle March 9, 2024 on Sepi's blog

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Just picked up a brand new Yamaha MT-07 Pure 2023! It's a nearly 700cc naked bike, a huge jump from my old 125cc Honda Grom.

Last year, I decided to get a motorcycle for fun. Copenhagen has great public transportation, so a car wasn't necessary. I wanted to enjoy the commute and explore outside the city, but coming from a car background with limited motorcycle experience, I opted for a smaller, beginner-friendly bike.

The Grom was perfect for learning and tinkering. It's known for being easy to maintain, and there are tons of YouTube tutorials for repairs and modifications. I even did some work myself, learning from those videos! While it was a fun and valuable experience, the Grom's biggest drawback is its speed. Highway rides were a struggle, and as I started dreaming of European tours in the spring and summer, I knew it wouldn't be ideal.

With touring in mind, I researched bikes with at least a 300cc engine, but nothing crazy fast – I wasn't looking for a monster machine. I narrowed it down to a few options:

Test rides on the Triumph and Husqvarna left me wanting more power. I knew 400cc wouldn't be enough. Luckily, a colleague with motorcycle expertise chimed in. He suggested the Yamaha MT-07, a bigger and more powerful version of the MT-03.

I took his advice and test rode the MT-07. Wow! It was a revelation. Cruising on the highway, feeling the true thrill of a motorcycle – it was amazing. The price fit my budget perfectly, making it the clear winner.

I bought it on the spot! I'm taking a short vacation to Budapest this week, but as soon as I'm back in Copenhagen, I'll be picking up my new adventure machine. European tours, here I come!

I'm keeping the Grom though. It's still a fantastic little city bike, perfect for navigating traffic.