Embracing Simplicity: My Journey to the DuckDuckGo Browser January 20, 2024 on Sepi's blog

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I've always harbored a desire to break free from the clutches of the Chrome web browser. Despite numerous attempts to quit, I found myself inevitably drawn back each time. Firefox, though given multiple chances, failed to impress me. Not only did its performance leave much to be desired, but its interface was also off-putting and confusing, giving the impression of a makeshift browser lacking a cohesive design.

Chrome, on the other hand, has undergone remarkable improvements over time, making it difficult to part ways. However, my ongoing conflict with Chrome escalated when it began to clash with ad blockers, particularly during video playback on YouTube, where it insisted on disabling ad blockers for seamless viewing—an experience I found frustrating and, frankly, unpleasant.

This situation prompted me to explore alternative browsers. Safari proved to be a disappointment, and Opera, now under the control of a Chinese group, raised suspicions. The notion of browsers attempting to be more than just browsers, integrating calendars, messengers, and AI chatbots, irked me—an aspect shared by browsers like Brave.

A few months ago, in a serendipitous turn of events around May, I stumbled upon a new web browser while experimenting with DuckDuckGo's random email generator feature. This led me to the DuckDuckGo browser. Given my positive experiences with DuckDuckGo as a search engine, I decided to give their browser a chance. Upon installation, I quickly fell in love with its simplicity, ease of use, and seamless integration with the DuckDuckGo search engine—a stark contrast to the complexities of Firefox and the feature-heavy yet disjointed experience it provided.

Although I occasionally miss certain features from Google Chrome, I've been using the DuckDuckGo browser exclusively for personal use, finding it more aligned with my preferences. I reserve Chrome for work-related tasks, primarily to maintain a separation between personal and professional data. However, I yearn for a multiple profile feature in DuckDuckGo browser to fully replace Chrome in all aspects of my digital life.

Despite its virtues, the DuckDuckGo browser is not without its quirks. An issue with page zoom levels, particularly for sites like Lobsters and Hacker News, where the zoom configuration resets upon closing the browser, can be somewhat inconvenient. Additionally, limited platform support poses a challenge, as the browser is currently available only for Mac and Windows, leaving Linux users like myself relying on less visually appealing alternatives.

Moving beyond these considerations, I'd like to highlight some additional points and features. First and foremost, the DuckDuckGo browser's simplicity and visual appeal remain its standout qualities, and I earnestly hope these aspects remain unchanged.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a multiple-profile feature would be a game-changer for users like me who value organizational separation between personal and professional activities. Addressing the page zoom issue and extending platform support to Linux would further enhance the browser's usability.

In terms of additional features, I contemplate the inclusion of a website/page translation function, akin to Chrome's integration with Google Translate. While this might compromise the browser's simplicity, it could prove invaluable for users navigating foreign-language websites.

Lastly, I commend the DuckDuckGo browser for some of its built-in features, such as its emphasis on security and anonymity. The ability to quickly 'burn' browsing history through a fireproof mode, along with features like a built-in YouTube player that blocks ads, and email protection, add significant value to the overall user experience.

In conclusion, having used the DuckDuckGo browser as my daily driver for over six months, I wholeheartedly recommend it to those seeking an alternative that values simplicity, privacy, and user experience. The dedicated team behind the browser continues to enhance its capabilities, and while I wonder why such an outstanding product isn't more widely marketed, I'm grateful to have stumbled upon it. I hope this post helps others discover and appreciate the DuckDuckGo browser as much as I have