If I was an animal I would rather be a raven

on sepi's blog


It might sound silly to most people but I think about this a lot, every time I see an animal, I think to my self how does it feel to live like that animal. I think about what would I eat, where would I go, how would I heat my self in winter, ...

Knowing that I always end up choosing to be a bird, specially an eagle or a raven, each of them have advantages and disadvantages. But I lean towards ravens a bit more as they are a very smart animal, and in fact they are considered a problem solver type of animals. they also can roughly fly as high as 6500 meters which as a bit higher than eagles.

They can also live in many areas, I mean everywhere I've been in my life I saw ravens there as well. They can live in woods, desert, urban area, ... eagles on the other hand choose to live mostly in high lands far from humans (which is cool in itself)

yup, that's it, I just wanted to write about it